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Canada’s 1st Modern Barber Academy. Founded in 2010 by Dwight Murray, owner of Miami Fades. Join the Fade Master Program and become one of the best in Toronto.

 Educator Dwight Murray is a talented and tremendously motivated individual with a broad range of experience in the barbering and beauty industry. He introduced TORONTO FADE MASTER ACADEMY October 11, 2010, to Canada. Dwight and his artistic team of experts are Toronto’s best and will be providing students with outstanding hands-on training. Dwight also wrote his first textbook (FADE MASTER 360) in 2013, and today it is the first syllabus for the Academy. The Fade Master 360 program is structured to educate students theoretically and practically giving them access to the best hands-on and realistic training experience. Dwight has trained over 600 students since 2010, many of whom have become some of the best barbers in the industry today.

 Our barbering training provides you with the knowledge and skills to take on a variety of tasks, including fades, straight blade line up, and hair tattoo designs as well as traditional shaving. You will also learn how to perform shampooing, specialized scalp and hair treatments, and a lot more. Additionally, the Fade Academy will familiarize you with laws, rules and health and safety regulations related to the field. As a graduate, you will be prepared to complete the certification examinations.

Find out how Toronto Fade Master Academy can provide you with the necessary training to pursue a vibrant and rewarding career within a wide range of environments, including barbershops, resorts, cruise ships and even movie studios. An excellent haircut can transform a person’s sense of self, enhance their self-esteem build their confidence, and also change their perspective on life.


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 Professional Skill Development Training 


FADE MASTER PROGRAM (Professional Barbering Training) 

Start Date: January 29th, 2018
Registration Deadline: December 21st

· 4 WEEKS (Highly Recommended for Hairstylist) 

· Additional 8 WEEKS On the job training      

· 12 WEEKS (No experience) 

· Extra 8 WEEKS Apprenticeship Program 

(Includes training tools and a TFMA training manual)

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SCALP MASTER PROGRAM (Hair Loss Solutions) 

Start Date: January 29th, 2018
Registration Deadline: December 21st
Duration:4 WEEKS

· Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) Fades

· Camouflaging

· Alopecia 

· Scar & Skin Revision (Hair Transplant Scars)

(Includes training tools and a TSMA training manual)

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SUPREME Master Program 

SUPREME MASTER PROGRAM (Fade Master & Scalp Master combination program)
Start Date: January 29th, 2018
Registration Deadline: December 21st
Duration: 4 WEEKS

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Monthly - 1 Day Seminars (FAST TRACK Barbering Program)
Seminars & Guest Educators

Recommended for HAIRSTYLIST & BARBERS (Learn NEW Techniques) 

Location: Toronto Fade Master Academy

Duration: 6 hours

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